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Critical Path Design is a Product Development and Design Company providing corporations and inventors the services they need to quickly get their product ideas into production.

Critical Path Design is armed with the latest high tech 3D software, Pro-Engineer ™and Solidworks, ™ years of experience, and the desire to make your product a success! It is our purpose and our passion to be creative and innovative at all times, and stay up on all the latest technologies, processes, and materials.

We are experienced designers of plastic, sheetmetal, casting, and machined parts and products at all levels of difficulty. We have completed projects in many industries, especially consumer, medical, and industrial products and equipment. Let CPD be part of your next Big Idea!

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Inventors, just a quick reminder........

Whether you need Invention or Product Development Services, surf this site for information. Also, check out the My Product Engineer™ Blog and you will find substantial Product Development tips and advice for your big idea! Inventors are using the Blog to help them do much of the Product Development work themselves! Please Bookmark this Product Development page, or the Inventors Blog, and make your Idea a reality!

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