About Us

CPD Corporation is located in Asheville, NC. We have been in the product development and manufacturing business for over 21 years and have an A+ BBB rating.

We have engineering, project management, Q/A staff and strong factory relationships developed over 17 years in the US, Asia, and Mexico.

All Project management and Product development is done in the USA. We can assist with manufacturing in the US or abroad.

CPD Corporation started in 1995 as a US manufacturer of components and sub-assemblies with an eye on quality, speed and customer satisfaction.  We provide global cost saving advantages to its customers. CPD became adept at global design, prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing processes and has worked with hundreds of clients.

On average, CPD works on 15-20 projects at a time, in various industries and at different stages of product development, manufacturing and marketing.

About Our Employees

At CPD Corp, our people are the driving force behind our innovation, improvement and success. We consider the tenure of our employees an important indicator of our overall success. We’re proud of our employee tenure numbers, because they tell us that CPD is not only a great place to work, but also a corporation that offers professional opportunities and challenges for employees to grow