Inventor Services

I'm an experienced Product Design Engineer who takes pride in working with small businesses and individuals, helping to make their ideas realities. I have ideas and patents of my own, and understand the challenges that individuals may face in order to develop their product ideas.

Unlike large companies with marketing, manufacturing, and engineering teams to develop products, individual inventors and small businesses often need support and direction to develop their ideas without wasting time or money on things that are not feasible.

Before accepting a project, I make sure that the inventor is fully aware of the risks, costs, and feasibility of their product idea. Once I begin I will stay on the Critical Path until it's completed. I approach all of my customers' products with the same passion as if they were mine! Thousands of new products hit the market each year, so let me help you make yours the next success!

Where to Start

I created My Product Engineer site to share the vast amount of information available on product development, and to communicate directly and personally to inventors across the world. This website, and product, provides another venue for Me to share my passion, and to help inventors reach their American Dream.

Follow the Link Below if you want to learn more about the process or contact us for a quote. Good Luck!

My Product Engineer for Inventors