Project Management

My ability to "dive in" at any phase of a project and get it back on track and into production is a strength that sets me apart from typical design engineers.

Companies that benefit from my service may have lost their product engineer, or a key employee. They may simply need an experienced Design Engineer to help finish a project because of an overload of work. For whatever reason my services are required, I will use your knowledge of the market, and apply my product design skills to complete the job

In emergency cases like these, CPD quickly sorts through the details, getting the product back on schedule and into tooling and production without hesitation. We take care of the problem, and can handle the pressures of a crisis, even if it means working 24-7 to get you back on schedule.

Some of the best promotions I received as a corporate employee resulted from bringing projects out of the corporate "funk" and moving them quickly to production. Hence, Critical Path Design was born.

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